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Tips and Tricks: Making Windows Forms Size to Their Content

Posted in C#, Programming, Tips and Tricks by Sina Iravanian on August 15, 2010

Windows In WPF can make use of a property which makes the window to automatically adjust its own size to fit its content. The related property in WPF is SizeToContent which can be set to Manual (the default), Width, Height and WidthAndHeight. The last item makes the window shrink or grow so that it will fit its content.

The same effect can be made in Windows Forms using the AutoSize and AutoSizeMode properties of the form. Simply set AutoSize to true and also do not forget to set AutoSizeMode to GrowAndShrink. This effect is not visualized during design.

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Code Snippet: Determining how two intervals overlap

Posted in C#, Programming, Snippets by Sina Iravanian on August 9, 2010

The following pieces of code help you figure out how two intervals overlap, and provides tools to represent them in a way that is useful for debugging purposes. This job is quite easy to accomplish, but since it is written too frequently each time from scratch, I have put them in this gist.

The IntervalOverlapKinds.cs file defines the IntervalOverlapKinds enumeration. The interval detection is carried out in the static methods of the IntervalOverlap class.

Code Snippet: Representing strings with all their characters visible

Posted in C#, Programming, Snippets by Sina Iravanian on August 8, 2010

This piece of code is useful if you intend to work on a string processing algorithm. There are times, that you need to see the real content of a string while showing them in a windows form, console, and so on. This little method may help:

Code Snippet: Searching and Highlighting a token or string in a RichTextBox

Posted in C#, Programming, Snippets by Sina Iravanian on August 8, 2010

Suppose that you intend to find a string or a token (i.e., whole word, instead of a substring) and change their color in some RichTextBox. The following code snippets will help. The FindStringAndSetColor method looks for instances of an arbitrary string in the contents of the RichTextBox, while the FindTokenAndSetColor method looks for whole words (tokens).

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