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My name is Sina Iravanian (pronounced /si:'na: i:r@va:ni:'a:n/ and spelled in Persian as سینا ایروانیان). I was born in Tehran, Iran in June 1983.

I am a software developer, experienced mainly on Microsoft technologies. Besides the professional experience, I have several research experiences on major branches of AI (mainly natural language processing, and financial time-series prediction).

I love open-source software, and would love to make my tools and utilities publicly available. I’ve already made some of them open-source (see my ohloh profile), and will do the same to the rest when I find the time to clean-up the code and add some documentation. And wait, the product to my last job is also an open-source software called Virastyar. I contributed a set of natural language processing components and the Microsoft Word Addin using VSTO and C#.

My homepage: sinairv.com

My GitHub profile: github.com/sinairv

My CodePlex profile: codeplex.com/site/users/view/sina_iravanian

My Sourceforge profile: sf.net/users/sina_iravanian

My CodeProject profile: codeproject.com/Articles/Sina-Iravanian

My Nugets: nuget.org/profiles/sinairv

My Twitter: @sinairv

My Profile

My Persian Blog: sinairv.blogspot.com


Email me using either of the following addresses:

  • <first-name> <dot> <last-name> <at> gmail <dot> com
  • <first-name> <at> sinairv <dot> com

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  1. Bassir Shirzad said, on August 12, 2012 at 4:47 am

    Do you have a facebook account?

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